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Carrie Irene Crosby, Founder of ABTA Impact Group interview Mick Collins, Founder of EduLARP UK and Educational Co-ordinator for both Seedling Productions & Heart of ACEs (part of The Waves Trust Charity). Mick gives helpful insights into the ACE's test and what that means in reality along with a wealth of information on Trauma Informed Practice and how we encourage learning and personal resilience in people who have experienced Trauma. 


Seedling Productions is a leader in Trauma Informed Practice Courses in the UK and consult for Think-tanks, schools and colleges internationally. 

Mick's is a communications experts with 30+ years teaching experience in a variety of mainstream and alternative educational provisions and is passionate about the language we use when discussing Trauma and Healing.

Mick is also the founder of Time To Heal Summit 2024 (Live in the Midlands, Uk and Online) where he will be give a talk on Trauma Informed Practice and well as host a line-up of key note speakers from across the globe as well as workshops, music and Q&A's. 

Tickets for Time To Heal Summit 24 Live or Online can be purchase by clicking the banner below.

ABTA Impact Group Interview with
Educational Co-ordinator
Mick Collins


ACE's Awareness Information

ABTA Impact Group Interview with
Company Director and Head of Education
Alex Graham



Alex's interviews with Carrie Irene Crosby, Founder of ABTA Impact Group, gives the audience a look into her life, work and passion for Healing and Trauma Informed Practice within Education and the Workplace. 

It gives you a chance to see the stunning venue Alex has created in the Midlands, UK and the team of animals she works with whilst teaching children both in mainstream and alternative education.


The 30 minute discussion focuses on the day to day work of Edu-LARP UK, part of Alex's larger Education and Events company. She discusses relationship building with young people who arrive at her provision having had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and what approach her and her staff take to helping these children to learn to play, learn to have fun again, learn to regulate their emotions, find routine and enjoy working with their teachers and peers before intergration into the mainstream education system.

Alex's and her company are widely recognised as leaders in the field of Trauma Informed Practice and she provides T.I.P. courses and coaching for the Education Sector and Company HR Departments as well as working directly with students. Alex also takes part in speaking engagements internationally.

DR. VICTORIEUS Interview with
Edu-Larp UK Founder
and Education Co-ordinator
Mick Collins



It was both an honour and a pleasure for Mick to be invited to join Dr. Torie Williams on then “Be VicTorieus” Podcast. Dr. Williams is a leading ACEs awareness advocate and educator in the USA. Her dedication and work toward this are outstanding.

The discussion, over two episodes, focuses on his own story. It takes you on a journey of how he accumulated a score of a perfect ten on the ACEs and how his own childhood experiences inspired and influenced his work in this area. It looks closely at his work with Seedling Productions and with other professionals within education and other children’s services to promote ACEs awareness and trauma informed practices.


In addition to his discussion with Dr. Williams her podcast features some amazing discussions with others who have their own ACEs stories and a wealth of knowledge and understanding of childhood trauma. 

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