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Trauma Infomed Practice

For Educational & related Children's Services staff

Seedling Productions is pleased to offer Children's Services professionals Trauma Informed Practice Training.

Seedling is the foremost independant provider of Trauma Informed Educational Provision in the U.K.

The team is lead by Michael Collins BA. Michael is an expert in Childhood Trauma and ACEs Awareness. With over 30 years experience teaching verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Michael also has an international reputation with regards to his experience and understanding of ACEs.

The training offered by Seedling Productions will establish what is meant by Trauma Informed Practice.

What is Trauma Informed?

Looking at both the meaning and implications of 





Training will look at four main areas vital to

Trauma Informed Practice 




Early Inverventions

Do I need to be Trauma Informed?

Trauma Informed Practice is an imformed practice.

Trauma Informed Practice  will not add to existing trauma

(unlike poorly or uniformed practice)

What is the likelihood of encountering children with significant Trauma in the school/ establishment I work in or with? 

According to the latest figures...

In a school of 1000 pupils- 90 pupils will have a significant ACEs (4 or greater).

In the same school- around 5-6 members of staff, are also likely to have a significant ACEs score.


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