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Edu-LARP and Autism.

Are you or a relation, friend or associate on the Autistic spectrum?

It would be unusual for many to be able to answer no to this question. And even if you have no direct link to somebody on the spectrum, there cannot be many people unaware of autism, even if understanding does not accompany complete awareness.

Are you a Larper?

I would be surprised if many people can answer yes to the question? I would however suggest that very few, if any of those that answered yes, will have answered no to the previous question. Why?

The anecdotal evidence suggests that LARP (Live Action Role Play) is attracting many people who are on the Autistic spectrum. Why?

People who may find many aspects of the world they are in difficult, uncomfortable, uninviting and unaccepting; the anecdotal ev

idence suggests that they are choosing, to immerse themselves in the worlds of LARP. Fantasy worlds of the imagination. Why?

The anecdotal evidence suggests that Edu-LARP (Educational Live Action Role Play) is having dramatic successes with students on the Autistic spectrum. Why?

Seedling Production has amassed a treasure hoard of anecdotal evidence over the last two decades, but anecdotal evidence is not a pedagogy, not a measurable frame of reference; it is a gut feeling, an educators instinct. Modern education however is based on pedagogy, measurements and statistics. What if that system doesn’t work for you and all you get is more frustration despite new initiatives, adaptions and research?

I can only imagine the frustration felt by many students on the autistic spectrum, at the inadequacies and failings of the mainstream education system. The frustration felt by the parents of these students I understand both as a parent of an autistic child and as a teacher who has had to listen to many parents.

Within Seedling Productions Edu-larp teaching we have witnessed successes after success with many autistic students, a level of successes which continues to surprise many educational experts, parents and students; I include myself here.

The link I am sharing today (Edu-LARP and Autism) discusses and introduces a study that will look closely at why such results appear to be happening. This study is taking place in Sweden. At Seedling Productions, we would like as part of our own work in this field, to look at the phenomenon here in the UK. We hope to work in conjunction with the Swedish study and have contacted those involved with this intention.

In the meanwhile, if you as a student, educator, parent or Larper, after watching this presentation are interested in our work here in the UK then please do contact us. Tell us why this interests you and tell us your connection to this area of our work. Tell us your anecdotal evidence.


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