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More About Me by M. Collins

Hi. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Collins and I am the Education Co-ordinator and Trauma Informed Practice Lead at Seedling Productions.

You many have read about my academic background on our ‘Meet Our Team’ page but I would like to take this opportunity to let you know a little bit more about me as a person, my background and what my aims are for helping young people to engage in learning both through work on our own site and as part of our outreach programmes.

Along with my management roles I am also an immersion set designer and teacher of Edu-LARP for Seedling Productions who are based at Root ‘n’ Branch Acres. Seedling Productions runs this 15 acre biodiverse smallholding and events site in the Midlands U.K, a unique site like no other, developed for both Education and LARP (Live Action Roleplay) experiences.

When I was young my mother said, numerous times, that I was living in a fantasy world. I am older now and would like to welcome you into that fantasy world. Root ‘n’ Branch Acres is a real, living, evolving fantasy world full of fauna, flora, people, dreams, and mythical creatures. A bespoke setting for LARP, which is at the heart of our work and if LARP is at the heart of Root n Branch, education is its soul. Many of our staff are experts in their field, many are teachers, all are larpers. Perhaps only matched by our passion for LARP is Seedling Productions passion for Education & learning, making Edu- LARP the logical approach.

It was through this passion for Learning Through Play that led me to start my research into the benefits of Edu-Larp and Early Intervention in children who have learning difficulties but especially those who have experiences Childhood Trauma and have ACE’s scores.

The ability to take the risk of failure out of the learning equation and the option for children to explore their emotions within a safe environment have proved to be invaluable tools in any teaching setting and now in my role at Seedling Productions I am able to make these readily available by using our Edu-Larp strategies and this incredible teaching space.

Recently my research and work in the field has seen me appointed as Education Co-ordinator for Hearts of Aces, which is a support network for The Wave Trust a UK Trauma Charity. Working internationally with other educationalists, send specialists, psychiatry teams, medical experts and government officials I hope that we can help shape a bright future for the young people in our societies.

Recently I have also been taking part in various educational and trauma related conferences, think-tank discussions and interviews. I will be posting links to these, other articles and my 2 part discussion with Dr. Torie Williams on Be VicTORIEus Poodcasts very soon. You can check back in our use Wix Spaces to keep updated on new posts and discussions.

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